I Hate to Say I Told You So

Trump Diaries: Sporadic Thoughts on the Trump Presidency

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Protests outside Trump Tower on 8/13/17 — Photo by

I generally believe in the principle of avoiding “I told you so” like statements. They’re usually not terribly constructive. They tend to be divisive in nature. However, I think in the case of the Donald Trump Presidency, it’s important to point out that — these things he’s finally being penalized for now? We knew about these things well before he became President. The facts were all out there for those curious enough to look for them.

So it came as absolutely no surprise to many of us folks when , declared a “fraud” and shut down. Similarly, that The Trump Foundation was ordered to shut down comes as no surprise to millions of your fellow Americans either. (Additionally, the Trump family — Donald Trump, his children — have been banned from serving on the boards of other New York nonprofit organizations. And this is our President?) Collectively then? We Americans could have seen all of this coming. New Yorkers voted overwhelming against Trump because they knew him. Trump lost in his home state. His home town. His own neighborhood. So by pointing this out, I don’t mean to keep a “I told you so” score. I just hope that those who did vote for this charlatan will consider the fact that, if these facets of criticism of Trump have been now confirmed by law, then maybe many of the other criticisms we’ve been leveling against this man are not without merit, either.

You don’t have to agree with Trump critics on every point to at least concede that maybe this man deserves closer scrutiny. Maybe he’s not honest. Maybe he doesn’t have this country’s best interests at heart. Maybe he doesn’t deserve to a second term as President. I know he doesn’t. He didn’t deserve the first.

Writer. Photographer. Interests: immigration, privacy, security, human rights, design. UX: Publicis Sapient. Teach: SVA. Student: NYU’s Global Affairs program.

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