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  • Hacking, But Legal

    Hacking, But Legal

    Researching, analyzing, writing. These opinions are solely my own and not those of any affiliated organization, past or present.

  • Helena Lage Tallmann

    Helena Lage Tallmann

    Brazilian journalist interested in human rights, cyberspace, politics, and international relations.

  • Lily Donahue

    Lily Donahue

  • Merav Levi

    Merav Levi

    A Registered Dietitian by trade, a foodie. Yogi. Interests: Politics, foreign affairs, human rights. An Israeli-American who dreams of traveling to Iran.

  • Dawn Ward Stith

    Dawn Ward Stith

    I am interested in what connects us, humanity. Writing for expression and growth.

  • Raymond A. Smith, Ph.D., LL.M.

    Raymond A. Smith, Ph.D., LL.M.

  • Diane Schumaker-Krieg

    Diane Schumaker-Krieg

    Diane Schumaker-Krieg is a global finance executive with over 30 years in leadership roles on Wall Street.

  • Julia Serano

    Julia Serano

    writes about gender, sexuality, social justice, & science. author of Whipping Girl, Excluded, 99 Erics, & her latest: SEXED UP! more at juliaserano.com

  • Aria Stevens

    Aria Stevens


  • Kat Holmes

    Kat Holmes

    Senior VP @Salesforce | Author of Mismatch @MITPress | Founder Mismatch.design | Prev: @Microsoft @Google | #InclusiveDesign

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