ChatGPT Takes the Voight-Kampff Test

Robert Stribley
10 min readFeb 21
MidJourney output shows a human man sitting across a table from a similar looking robot. They appear to be in conversation in a setting like a diner. The visual mood is very evocative of Ridley Scott’s film Blade Runner.
MidJourney imagines a chat bot taking the Voight-Kampff Test

This exercise began as a joke. I just wondered how ChatGPT would react to being given the Voight-Kampff Test for determining whether someone is a replicant in the movie Blade Runner. Of course, this line of questioning didn’t work as ChatGPT makes no attempt to conceal its identity as an artificial intelligence. And we don’t live in the specific dystopia of the Blade Runner universe, so some of the questions make less sense…

Robert Stribley

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