In a new documentary, a young girl and her family fight for her right to live as her authentic self.

Still photo of Sasha from the documentary Little Girl — Photo from

Sasha knew she was a girl from the age of two or three. “It was not a passing fancy,” her mother Karine tells us in Little Girl, the elegant and moving 2020 documentary by the French director Sébastien Lifshitz. When we first meet Sasha, she’s now seven, in second grade…

Will slicker new wearables enable helpful technology or just fuel a privacy nightmare?

My first photo taken with Google Glass in June 2013 — from “

The other day tech writer Clive Thompson wrote an excellent piece for this platform entitled “.” Thompson’s piece was prompted by news of — surely an effort to create wearables that finally attain the cool factor. …

Turning from the certainty of faith to the virtue of doubt

Star trail photo by Brian McMahon, Kennedy Range, 1000 kilometers north of Perth, Western Australia
Star trail photo by , Kennedy Range, 1000 kilometers north of Perth, Western Australia

Some part of you dies when you lose your faith. So, no wonder people fear losing it, because, really, who wants to die twice? It’s not a death of the body or mind, of course. Instead, we fear the death of family or friends or community or—really—our ties to these…

We must resist using climate change to justify securitizing human migration

Tijuana Customs/Garita El Chaparral, U.S. Mexico Border — Photo by Robert Stribley

“The movement to preserve the habitability of the planet for future generations must directly challenge the tribal power of nationalism and the chronic militarization of public discourse.” — , “The Case Against Linking Environmental Degradation and National Security”

Consider some sobering statistics. First, studies confirm that rises in temperature…

The Simone Biles incident highlights the dark design pattern which surfaces toxic takes to encourage conflict and engagement on the Internet

Simone Biles on the beam at the Rio Olympics in 2016 — Photo by Fernando Frazão from

It’s taken a while but I think I’m finally learning not to take the bait. I’m sorry.

It’s nothing most of us haven’t done. I’m really just coming to terms with the impact of what I’m doing. What we’re doing.

I’ll use the example of Twitter, but this applies elsewhere…

Periodical Cicada — Original photo by on Flickr

I love the sound of cicadas

Their sharp summer shimmer

Ricocheting through the neighborhood

Even here in Brooklyn

Not as impressive as in other parts, perhaps

But nonetheless there

Ancient, cacophonous and electric

A signal cast off unceasingly from their vacillating membranes

Maybe for me it’s nostalgia

As a child…

Backdoors to encrypted apps are bad for privacy and undermine secure networks for everyone

Photo of Banksy’s street art reading “What are you looking at?” beside a CCTV camera on a concrete wall.
Banksy’s street art reading “What are you looking at?” — Photo by ,

Quite a mind boggling story recently: called about three years back and monitored criminals eager to use it for organizing various shenanigans, leading to some 800 arrests in 12 countries. The app was marketed exclusively to criminals — often by word of…

Pursuing clean energy technology means mining for increasingly rare metals and minerals. And that doesn’t come without an environmental impact.

Photo of windfarm in unknown location
Wind farm. Photo by on Unsplash

In 2020, something happened, which offered a moment of hope for supporters of green energy technologies: For the first time in the United States, electricity generated by wind and solar technology exceeded that of coal. lasted only days, a blip really in our history of energy use and…

Robert A Stribley

Writer. Photographer. Interests: immigration, privacy, security, human rights, design. UX: Publicis Sapient. Teach: SVA.

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